Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

Gaming & Gambling Harm Prevention Programme for C&YP - Train the Trainer

GDPR Statement

Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) adheres to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 in regards to any personal or sensitive information collected. The LSCP. Regarding use of this data:

  • The LSCP is seeking participants names, contact email address and telephone number in order to contact you if the need arises in relation to the course you have applied for and to follow up with the Learning Evaluation Stages 2 and 3 to ascertain how the learning has been embedded in practice.
  • The LSCP is seeking ethnicity information as part of equal opportunities monitoring to ensure access to training is fair.
  • The LSCP is seeking the name of the organisation a participant works or volunteers for to understand where training is being taken up.
  • The data collected below will be used to assist in understanding who utilises LSCP training courses to assist in tailoring future training courses to meet an appropriate target audience and to understand where changes may need to be made to reach any target audience that does not utilise LSCP training. This data may be used for statistical purposes, such as providing analysis of training utilisation for publication in the LSCP Annual Report. Personal/Sensitive data will not be shared in any circumstance where statistical analysis is undertaken.
  • The data collected below will not be shared with any other agency partner. Identifying information will not be shared under any circumstances outside of a duty of care situation where concern may beheld for the safety of a course participant.
  • The data collected below will be held for 3 years for the purpose of inspection by a regulatory authority. This data will be destroyed thereafter.
  • If you have any queries about how this data will be processed by the LSCP, please get in touch at safeguardingpartnership@lewisham.gov.uk  for more information.

The LSCP Data Protection & Privacy Notice can be viewed HERE

Personal Details

Authorising Managers Details

Please ensure you have your manager’s agreement to attend this training.

Learning Evaluation – Stage 1

Please give yourself a rating in accordance with the aims and objectives of the course.

(This information will be shared with the trainer to assist in the delivery of learning.  The LSCB will also use this information for statistical reporting)

Please rate yourself using this score for relevant questions.

  1. None
  2. Fair
  3. Good
  4. Excellent
  5. Excellent and able to offer peer support