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FREE Home Fire Safety Visit – London Fire Brigade, Lewisham 

London Fire Brigade are keen to increase the number of targeted Home Fire Safety Visits they carry out in the borough to residents identified as at risk.

There are various factors which have been shown to increase a person’s likelihood of having an accidental fire in the home and it is these people that they would like to target with Home Fire Safety Visits. Some of these factors may also increase risk of harm from a fire, if one does occur.

A person within a household who exhibits three or more of the following risk factors is considered to be at higher than average risk from fire:

  • Live alone
  • Have any disability (physical, or self-declared mental health or learning disability issues)
  • Live in social housing (social landlord or local authority)
  • Any person over 60 years of age
  • A single parent (with a child under 15)
  • A smoker

If you feel you or a person in your household exhibit three or more of the risk factors listed above London Fire Brigade – Lewisham, would like to encourage you to book a Home Fire Safety Visit.

Home Fire Safety Visits are FREE. Firefighters from your local Lewisham Fire Stations will visit you in your home at a day and time to suit you. They will provide you with bespoke advice, based on your household and lifestyle, to minimise the risk of a blaze.

Even a small fire in your home can lead to substantial damage that could be expensive to repair and leave you unable to stay in your property for a number of weeks.

You can easily book a Home Fire Safety visit online or you can call 0800 028 44 28.

London Fire Brigade has lots of helpful information on how to keep yourself safe at home.

Managing my affairs if I become ill

There may be a time when you need someone to make decisions for you because of ill health.

This factsheet from Independent Age explains how you can prepare for someone you trust to manage your money or make decisions about your own care and welfare in the way you would wish.

New Local Government Association Adult Social Care Budget Tool

To demonstrate the scale of the challenge facing councils in meeting the £2.6 billion adult social care funding shortfall (by 2019/2020), Local Government Association have developed an illustrative budget tool that puts the user in control of the purse strings.

The figures used in the budget tool “Yourtown” are based on an average English local authority where the council must find £17.1 million to make up the adult social care funding gap.






Lewisham SAIL Connections is the name of Age UK Lewisham and Southwark’s quick-referral service. The project supports older people (60+) living in Lewisham to access services which support safe and independent living. This is done through a simple checklist of questions relating to services supporting: health and well-being, improved living conditions, fire safety and home security and financial support. Anyone can complete a checklist. Checklists are available as A4 pads and on the Age UK Lewisham and Southwark website.

For more information contact: sailconnections@ageuklands.org.uk or 0207 358 4077 www.ageuk.org.uk/SAIL

Government commits to helping survivors of domestic abuse

Survivors of domestic abuse will soon find it easier to register to vote anonymously under new plans announced today.

Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, has published a range of proposals that will make the anonymous registration scheme in England and Wales more accessible to those escaping domestic abuse, and ensure that survivors can participate in our democracy.

The anonymous registration scheme protects people whose safety would be at risk if their name and address appeared in the electoral register. For example, this might include victims of harassment or stalking, as well as some witnesses in criminal court cases.



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