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Adult Safeguarding Posters - See it, Report it!

Adult Safeguarding Leaflet:

Learning and Development Workbooks

The Introduction to Adult Safeguarding Workbook is the first in our series of adult safeguarding workbooks.

  1. Introduction to Adult Safeguarding Workbook
  2. Training Case Studies

The roll-out of further Workbooks in this series will be linked to specific strands of adult abuse and neglect, and other adult safeguarding related subjects.  

Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Template

Single Agency Policy and Procedures Template (for use by any agency updated May 2022)

Adult Safeguarding Pathway Forms and Templates

LSAB Tricky Friends Still 2

Tricky Friends

Good friends can make life really great. But friendships can be tricky. Watch our Tricky Friends video which will give you helpful advice on friendship.

LBL Can you see the signs of coercive control image of poster

Coercive Control

Raise awareness of the signs of Coercive Control by displaying - Lewisham's - Can you see the signs of coercive control? - Poster

Watch these two short clips for brilliant examples of "Gaslighting" a common form of abuse seen in Domestic Abuse.

Gaslight - You Think I'm Insane: After becoming hysterical at a friend's house Paula (Ingrid Bergman), Gregory (Charles Boyer) shares his frustrations with her.

Gaslight (1944) - You Think I'm Insane Scene (5/8) | Movieclips – Youtube

Gaslight - You're Being Driven Insane: With Brian's (Joseph Cotten) help, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) discovers the horrifying truth about her husband.

Gaslight (1944) - You're Being Driven Insane Scene (6/8) | Movieclips - Youtube

London Fire Brigade: Help for Hoarders - Fire Safety Tips

Stop Hate UK: Hate Crime Posters for Lewisham 

West Midlands Modern Slavery Victim Support Booklet

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