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Lewisham Safeguarding Adults Board

Safeguarding Adults

Every adult has the right to be treated with dignity, respect and live a life free of fear. We call this process safeguarding adults.

If you suspect that you or an adult you care about may be at risk of abuse or neglect then call Lewisham Council, Adult Social Care on 020 8314 7777, alternatively if you have concerns about the immediate safety of an adult at risk then please contact the
Police on 999.

Every adult has a right to make their own decisions and take risks, however, some adults are at greater risk of being abused because they rely on another person to manage day to day living.

We use the term "adult at risk" to describe people that need this support. Not all adults who need care and support are considered at risk, we assess each person according to their own abilities. Many adults with care and support needs manage their lives very well.

Social Care and Health have produced a video on Safeguarding Adults in British Sign Language.




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